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Protect your businesses IT

Enterprise Grade Protection – Your data is safe with us!

The world is a scary place and with techies turning to the dark side you need to know your business is protected.
With advanced data protection, we can help manage your business environment easily and efficiently. We want you to feel secure, knowing that your documents are backed up and we’ll be able to offer solutions that aide emergency recovery.

Let’s be safe together and protect your business with the most trusted cloud

You’ll feel safe knowing that we implement and monitor protection controls and technology that is designed to help safeguard your business.
If 90% of Fortune 500 companies trust the Microsoft Cloud, then so can you. Microsoft Azure helps to protect your assets through a rigorous methodology and focus on security, privacy, compliance and transparency.

Using IT and tech solutions to boost your business.

Skype for Business

Office 365

IT Support Services

Protect your business IT

Here at Think Cirrus, we believe that IT protection is imperative. We’ll ensure you meet a range of industry-wide compliance requirements, which are independently verified to maintain compliance across a varied set of standards

With Think Cirrus’ business protection solutions you can:

  • Get advanced data protection
  • Have cloud back up as an alternative to tapes
  • Be back online in minutes when the unexpected happens.

Microsoft Azure is resilient to attack, safeguards user access to the Azure environment and helps keep customer data secure through encrypted communications.

Advanced data protection, built in at every level

Track sensitive data you send in email and selectively prevent actions like editing, copying, or printing with Microsoft Azure Rights Management in Enterprise Mobility Suite (EMS).

Cloud backup as – no more tapes (or just a better alternative)

There is no need to persevere with tapes. By moving to cloud backup, you can restore your information quickly using a system that is scalable, secure, and provides up to 99 years of data retention for legal compliance.

No more emergencies! Be back online in minutes when the unexpected happens

Automated disaster recovery is guaranteed which means you can get your business back up and running even if disaster strikes. Even better, because it is cloud based, investing in securing your data does not require major capital expenditure.

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