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Recovery Testing

Disaster Recovery and Testing

Traditional Disaster Recovery solutions are very expensive and quite often require duplication of pricey hardware that in an ideal world would never be required.
Azure Site Recovery makes the hefty up front cost a thing of the past and allows you to replicate some or all of your sever environment to Microsoft Azure in one or many data centres.
Giving you a robust and cost effective backup solution.
One of our specialists can help you understand the solution including the costs to your business.

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Disaster Recovery and Testing

No Recovery? No backup!

The success of your daily backup is entirely dependent on the success of your last recovery. This can be a problem if up to 70% of tapes fail on recovery.

Test Recovery Capabilities.

It is crucial to test the disaster recovery and individual file recovery abilities of a system.

This should be done on a regular basis to ensure the system is working at its maximum capabilities.

What we do!

Think Cirrus will work with you to test recovery regularly. We put systems under controlled stress tests outside of normal working hours, with no disruption to business.


All data is encrypted while migrating to the cloud and once it’s in Azures data centres. Once in Azure your servers are replicated across multiple data centres with 6 copies of the data stored in each.


Azure Site Recovery works out much more cost effective than traditional Disaster Recovery Solutions. You no longer need to invest thousands of pounds into hardware that may never be needed


Azure only sends incremental changes and has built in compression. If your requirements change then it’s simple to change your backup settings and increase or decrease the retention

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