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Back up or lose it all

Backing up is no longer a chore

Have you nearly lost everything? We know that feeling and it’s stressful. We’re here to eliminate that from happening again. We’re the super heroes of backing up your I.T. and documents.
There are number of back up options – but we can take care of that. Whether you want to use the cloud or not, we’ll advise you on the best solution for you.
Think Cirrus has a simple and reliable cloud based system to store and replicate your company’s information.

Do you still use tapes? Let us help you with an easier solution…

If you’re one many of the businesses using tapes to back up your data, let us tell you about another solution…

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IT Support

Do Business Anywhere

Wi-Fi that works

Back up services

The cloud might be the answer to your I.T. prayers

Cost effective

Having an onsite server costs money to maintain and eventually replace. If you let us support you, your costs are reduced significantly.
If you need more storage, back up is just £1 per GB – value for money and peace of mind.

Eliminate Tapes and hard drives

There is now a viable alternative to the more traditional ways of recording information. No more tape equals reduced costs, and a more reliable service. You’ll never feel that panic again! … and relax.
We take the hassle out of I.T. administration.

File Protection

Your data and information won’t be compromised. Safe and secure cloud back up means you’ll have 24/7 peace of mind.

Flexible and Efficient

If your requirements change it’s simple to change your backup settings and increase or decrease the retention.

Automated Managed Service

Think Cirrus provide an automated managed service to monitor the backup solution and resolve any issues if they arise.

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