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Cyber Security Chester


We have a range of blogs and helpful checklists written by our technical department, that you may find useful. As well as new and add on services that could benefit your business.

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Cyber Security Chester, Protecting You, Your Data & Your Business

Cyber Security, Chester based IT Support company, Think Cirrus are highly qualifid and experienced to protect your business from cyber attacks and online threats.

Cybersecurity, firewalls, anti-virus software, however you refer to it, Online Security for your business is essential. Cybercrime is one of the biggest business challenges of our generation, and a failure to prevent it can have serious financial and reputational consequences. Businesses should be able to defend themselves against online threats, understand how to limit damage and be ready to respond quickly should an attack or breach occur.
When it comes to cybersecurity we do not adopt a “one-size fits all" approach, we believe that each business’s IT security solutions should be bespoke to them and carefully planned once the risk factors and budget requirements have been assessed. We adopt a layered approach and install key protective elements to give your business the most robust security for its needs. For example, depending upon the industry in which they operate some businesses may be more susceptible to phishing and malware attacks whereas others may face different challenges. Our solutions are tailored to each individual business. 

Think Cirrus - Online Security for Businesses

Comprehensive solutions, intuitive management and identity-driven security will help you to stay productive and secure on any device. Our managed service approach incorporates taking care of your businesses cybersecurity requirements to ensure you and your team are safe and protected online.

Protect and empower your connected organisation

As companies like yours transform to mobility and the cloud, learn about the current state of devices, identity and access management, and security, and how a cloud-based solution can help keep you secure.

Identity-driven security

Amid ever-changing threats, help provide holistic protection for your workers, devices, apps and data using the latest intelligent security innovations—from risk-based conditional access to advanced threat analysis and protection, we can put measures in place to ensure full round protection.

Uncompromised mobile productivity

Give your workers the access, apps and familiar experiences across iOS, Android and Windows with built-in security that doesn’t get in the way.

Build a comprehensive, flexible enterprise mobility solution

Apply the latest mobility innovations and do more with less, while helping keep your business secure from threats on every front: user access, devices, apps and data.

Think Cirrus - Advanced Email Protection

The online world is a dangerous place that’s why we recommend that all our customers use Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Email Protection. With safe links replacing potentially dangerous links and unsafe attachments stripped away before reaching your inbox, Advanced Threat Protection can stop security threats in their tracks.

Secure your mailboxes against advanced threats

New malware campaigns are being launched every day, and Office 365 has a solution to help protect your emails against them. With Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection, you can protect your mailboxes against new, sophisticated attacks in real time. By protecting against unsafe attachments and expanding protection against malicious links, it complements the security features of Exchange Online Protection to provide better zero-day protection.

You can add Microsoft Office 365 Advanced Email Protection to any Office 365 mailbox. Protect your email in real time against unknown and sophisticated attacks. Contact Us today to discover more or complete the form below.

  • Protect against unsafe attachments
  • Protect your environment when users click malicious links
  • Get rich reporting and track links in messages

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