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About Us

We take care of Business I.T.

We believe every entrepreneur and business owner should invest in smart IT infrastructure. The old way of acquiring tech for your business, piece by piece, just doesn’t work - it’s time consuming and produces far from optimal results. We’ll take care of your IT conundrums so you can run and develop your business more efficiently.

We think differently about managing your I.T. This means we’re able to bring you modern tech solutions in a way that will free-up time for you to prioritise your business.

Small businesses is often led to believe that modern, efficient and robust technology is the preserve of larger corporates.

That simply isn’t true. Working effectively, reliably and securely from your office, venue or home is now possible.

Think Cirrus, based in the heart of Chester, can manage and support all aspects of your IT; desktops; laptops; applications; e-mail; website; servers; data; security; conferencing & networks.


Our Mission

To debunk I.T. myths of the past. We want you to use the best tech for you and your business. Without the jargon or the worry.

We’ll do this by communicating differently and by thinking about you. We’ll provide I.T. support and customer service, whilst building real relationships.


Our Vision

Have a great day every day and worry-less about your I.T. Don’t think about how to fix your I.T. conundrums. Don’t question where your I.T. budget has gone.

We’ll take care of your business I.T. by providing a service you can trust.
You’ll feel secure knowing that your business is protected and you’re getting added value.

Our Background


Over Three Decades of I.T. Experience.

From Floppy drives and hard disks to servers and cloud technology, so much has changed in 30 years.

This journey has provided immense insight into how I.T. infrastructure can de designed, built, deployed and managed. So, whether it’s a single office or a global one connected by huge data centres, we’ve got the experience to advise you on the right solution for you.


Our Ethos

Looking after your I.T. is engrained into the DNA of Think Cirrus. Our experience and lessons learnt have helped to shape the way we’ll manage your I.T. environments.

We want you to worry-less and do more. We don’t want you to think about your I.T. solutions. We’ve changed the processes & perspective needed to embrace success which means we’ll take care of your business I.T. so you don’t have to.


I.T. as a business tool

The technology we use, see and hear about, is changing rapidly. However, the principals we use to purchase and manage that technology has not.

We effectively manage I.T. and technology like a suite of business tools because we want you to boost your business. Using I.T. business tools means you can be more productive, you can connect more with customers and help your business to grow.

Our Approach

It’s all about you

To us, you are a person – not a user! That’s because we think differently. We don’t treat your I.T. conundrums as a project. We’ll look at the bigger picture to ensure everything works, every day, for the life span of the technology you’re using. We’re an I.T. solutions provider with a presence in your business. Your friendly I.T. help desk

Data driven planning

Our monitoring dashboards analyse all your data. From Wi-Fi usage to disk capacity, we’re able to use this information to predict when your I.T. will need updating, replacing, fixing or cleaning. We’ll provide long term options your systems keep running without interruptions to your business.

A help desk that works

If you log an I.T. issue with our helpdesk, we’ll respond and fix your issue with an agreed service level agreement depending on the severity of the I.T. conundrum. If it’s an admin task, they’ll be scheduled, but won’t be treated like it’s an emergency. We’ll even create a dedicated helpdesk shortcut on your desk top to make it easier for you to contact us.

24×7 Proactive Monitoring

We monitor all your systems 24×7. Email, Wi-Fi, disk space, anti-virus protection, as a well as exceptions to the norm are immediately flagged and investigated. Our pro-active approach means we’ll protect you against threats and serious interruptions to your business.

Tech to suit you

Ask a techie to unbox and install something they’ll click every option and turn on all features. However, that’s not our approach. We’ll work with you to ensure the settings suit you. We don’t want you to put up with gremlins. If it takes more than 3 clicks, we’ll change it. It’s simple stuff, but we pay attention to your tech experience.

Need more than Wi-Fi?

We’re experts at installing and improving Wi-Fi that works – but we also work with hospitality and retail businesses to ensure they have all the industry tech solutions they need. From point of sale technology to email and websites, we’re not just a one trick pony.


Think Cirrus Business IT Advice and Guidance

Need IT for your business but don’t know where to start? We want to make your life easier! There’s no obligation, so let’s have a chat. We’ll look at the right solution for you. Tell us about your I.T. conundrums and we’ll go from there. We want you to relax because we’re here to reassure you. We want you to think of us as your hassle free and friendly in house IT department. We’ll tell you the best way to go about your tech including managing your 3rd party relationships and services.

Improving your IT infrastructure has never been easier and simpler.

What we’ll do.

  • We’ll assess your needs depending on you, your industry and your business.
  • We’ll create a road map – Our free roadmap is the best way to get started. Based on our discussions we’ll identify the key services and build a document showing priorities, timelines and budget costs.
  • We’re a Microsoft Partner, so we’re accredited by the best.
  • We’re interested in monitoring trends in your data so you can plan for your tech, before it gives up the ghost.

Our experienced experts can take a look at your infrastructure, your business, your circumstances and work to your needs. We think about the bigger picture because we want to make your lives easier. We care about you and your business I.T.

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